Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here at Building House Inspections Melbourne, all our employees and associates are very dedicated and committed to protect the interest of the customers and we are also enthusiastic enough to provide all our customers the best painting service along with assuring the best professionalism and confidentiality.

The Privacy Policy of our company explains how we collect the important details from the customers and what the best uses of those details are.

Details that we collect from customers

As a company we are always committed to offer services to all our customers which are unique and entirely customized for their own benefits. In order to serve these purposes we need some details about the individuals and that we collect through our website. All the details are provided voluntarily by the customers and we pay sincere attention to protect all the details provided by them all.

Protection of the individual privacy

Whenever we are collecting some details from the customers, it is our liability to maintain and protect the details and that for we perform some steps. We have previously mentioned that all the details are collected voluntarily from the individuals and we do not use cookies to located customer location and collect details from them.

In order to protect the customer information we do not share them with any unauthorized people. Only a few officials have the permit to access the details and under no situation the details are shared with any third party for any promotional purposes. The information is securely stored in our secret database and only the authorized officials have the access of it.

The database is scanned at regular interval in order to protect malware attacks and after a certain period of time, the data is removed from the system automatically.

Every individual is requested to go through the Privacy Policy of Building House Inspections Melbourne carefully before browsing the website.