Buying Property Prior to Auction

Auction Building  Inspections in Melbourne

buying property prior to auctionIf you are in search of property in Melbourne, one way you can find that is through auctions. The process is helpful of course but, at the same time, it is very stressful too! The tense factor is that all the auction contracts are unconditional and by the time you buy the property, it will be too late for you to determine the existence of any nasty surprises that may cost you thousands.

Before you consider signing the sale contract speak to a professional building inspections consultant as he will give you advice that you will require progressing further.

Beware of the sale contract as once you’ve signed you are bound in buying and cannot get out of the contact, you do not get a 3-day cooling-off period you are stuck.

By engaging a building inspection firm you will receive professional advice and their reports are very comprehensive and detailed with photos showing where these defects are and how to repair and cost to rectify.

For the amount required to conduct an inspection, it’s well worth the money as you will now that your purchase has been a good one.

Building Inspectors inspect the subfloor areas, roofline, roof cavity, insulation, they check for dampness and drainage as well as any issues with the external structure, many a time we have advised clients that they should not proceed with the purchase due to structural defect that exist that will cost thousands to repair.

We have inspected homes after buyers have purchased and have found many defects that will cost a lot of money to repair and if the homeowner does not have the funds for repairs he will be facing a dilemma in proceeding further.

We are one of the most trusted house inspection companies in Melbourne. We have experienced professionals to take care of the entire process who are completely dedicated to you our client.

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