Building Inspections Melbourne

Building Inspections Melbourne

Inspection of a property is very important and unless you get the job done with professionals you will not receive the real benefits.We will contact the real estate agent on your behalf and confirm the appointment.

We will get in touch with you once the inspection is done and in most instances, we will email the report on the same day. Apart from that, if there are areas of concern, we will inform you of the approximate cost to rectify along with others recommendations. We are experienced house inspectors who are committed to you the client.

There are so many items that are inspected during the building inspection process which will also include looking for termite damage and termite nests,checking for drainage as well as rot within the external building structure

Looking within the roof cavity and under the sub floor is very crucial in checking for any water damage ,termite but also for any structural issues with bearers,floor joists,rafters and insulation ,also checking the roof tiles will give us an indication as to problems with ridge tiles and your roofing in general

For the small cost involved its not worth the risk in not employing the services of a building inspection firm like Building House Inspections Melbourne to provide you with assurances that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you once you move in

Recently has a client who was hesitant to going ahead with a building inspection as he was worried about the price but upon getting advice from his bank he determined that he would proceed with the inspection.

He was fortunate that he proceeded as there were so many minor and major defects that he was advised that by proceeding with the purchase he was adding up to minimum $90,000  for repairs to all defects,money well spent he decided

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