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Every prospective buyer of a property in Melbourne should know the condition before signing the real estate contract. The best way of doing this is to get a pre-purchase building inspection report which will identify all defects that are found within the property as well as any structural building defects that require rectification.

If the building inspection report finds significant damage within the property, then the purchaser has the option of either canceling the contractor in most cases renegotiating the price saving them a lot of money.

What is a pre-purchase property inspection report?

It’s one of the many types of building inspections reports that can be done including building pest inspection report, a defect report or a new home building report which prospective buyers require to give to there builder so as they can rectify any defects that exist, just because it’s a new home doesn’t mean that there are no defects.

Our reports comply with the victorian building authority guidelines.

Building house inspections conduct building inspections throughout all areas of Melbourne including Frankston, are registered building Practitioners with the Victorian building authority with their reports containing photos of all building defects found and where they exist and the best way to rectify.

A building inspection report is different from a ‘pest inspection report’. While a building inspection report will identify any visual damage that may have been caused by termites, it won’t include the existence of other pests like ants or spiders.

It is advisable to get a separate pest inspection report done before you buy a property, for the small cost involved it’s not worth the risk.

What are the Benefits of a Building House Inspection Melbourne Report?

There are many benefits to conducting a Building house Inspections Melbourne report as the building inspector will be able to identify any structural issues with your property or the presence of termites that have the potential to cost you thousands.

We have the expertise to deliver a detailed inspection of your property for your peace of mind, before purchasing your property.

We not only identify structural issues but we will conduct a detailed inspection of all areas internally and externally as well as the drainage, plumbing, subfloor, roof space and we will identify any issues with termites

Currently, in Victoria, there is no legislation as to who can perform a building inspection, so it’s important to make sure your inspector is registered with the VBA and has insurance (check out his details on the VBA website) Building House Inspections Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s leading based property inspection firms providing low-cost building inspections in Melbourne

Whether you’re renting, buying or selling a home, it’s well worth getting a building inspection.

A building inspection will let you know if anything in the home needs to be fixed or if there are issues, such as termites, dampness or other problems that could be quite costly to repair.

Initially, you may not want to spend the money on a building inspection, however, they can be extremely beneficial because they provide a strong insight into the condition of the property.

Building House Inspections Melbourne are VBA Registered Builders Pre Purchase Building Inspections – Pre Auction Building Inspections and House Inspections are basically the same types of inspection and processes are the same but Building Pest Inspections is a report that includes pest inspection reports as well as a Building Report.

Building Pest Inspections are our most popular building inspection report that details the existence of termite nests and any termite damage to internal/external timbers and their location.

Thousands of people around the world have decided against building inspections in Melbourne and then they’ve found that their property has issues that they didn’t allow for.

It’s important that you get your inspection done prior to signing any legal contracts. Doing so prior to signing gives you the opportunity to back out of a sale that you don’t want to carry on with, which can save you money in the long run or to renegotiate the contract price

If you have your building inspected, you may be up for the cost of repairs, however, you will find yourself being able to ask for a property price reduction, or you could negotiate the terms of the sales agreement so that you do not have to pay for such repairs yourself.

When your building inspector has completed your building inspection report you will have a better knowledge of the true condition of the building.

This comprehensive report will give the reasons why you should buy the building or renegotiate the price.

What are the defects and problems a building inspector will look for?

You will be able to decide the most appropriate course of action to take, whether that’s to back out of buying the property, request that repairs be made by the owner or simply walk away.

The building inspector will crawl under the floor, inside the roof and everywhere in between also investigating the site drainage, grounds and retaining walls to uncover any hidden defects.

Basically, everything from the foundations to the roof all accessible areas of the property and site An Example of Some of the problems building inspectors will be looking for include:

  • Damage to any subfloor piers/stumps
  • Drainage defects
  • Structural Defects
  • Retaining wall defects
  • Damage to Roof structure
  • Sign of termites
  • Fungal decay to any timber
  • visible signs of asbestos problems
  • existence of an operable electrical safety switch
  •  smoke alarms.

The following would normally be included in a building inspection report:

  • garage, carport and garden shed
  • separate laundry or toilet
  • small retaining walls
  • steps
  • fencing
  • surface water drainage
  • stormwater run-off
  • paths and driveways.

Make sure you specify any particular items or areas on the site that you want to be inspected. The report will also include the following information:

  • your name
  • the address of the property to be inspected
  • reason for the inspection
  • the date of inspection
  • the scope of the inspection
  • a list of any area or item that wasn’t inspected, the reasons why it wasn’t inspected and if necessary, a recommendation for further investigation
  • a summary of the overall condition of the property
  • a list of any significant problems that need fixing


We make it certain to mail you the inspection report on the same day and also offer phone consultation.

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We were very impressed with the honesty of George. When he informed us of the defects the property had and the approx cost of rectifying them, we were able to renegotiate a reduction in the purchase price. Thanks again, saved us heaps!


Jeremy Iwles

We were extremely pleased with our home inspection. George went the extra mile to inspect everything and more, we could not have been more happier.

Jeremy Iwles


My husband and I recently put a deposit down on an investment property in Frankston and asked buildinghouseinspectionsmelbourne to conduct an inspection. It was the best $600 we have ever spent, as it saved us from buying a “lemon”. It had so many defects which were all hidden, we would never have inspected the roof. Thank you George, we will contact you again when we buy another home.